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Consecration of the Faithful
Tithe is recognition of God’s Lordship over all things. When someone gives his tithe, he is in fact recognising that God is Lord, not only Lord of his life but also Lord of everything his life produces. The deepest meaning of tithe is that everything (100 percent) belongs to God.

When we give Him the tithe (10 percent of everything), it is to release the remaining 90 percent for our use. In other words: everything belongs to God; we give Him 10 percent in order for us to have the privilege of using the other 90 percent. (Read Malachi 3:8-12)

We encourage the faithful tithers to be consecrated with the blessed olive oil once a month. Those who are determined to see themselves at the top for the glory of God shouldn’t miss this. All faithful tithers are also going to receive a word of encouragement for every new month.