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Since I was a child I was used to live with many problems and difficulties. My mother had been separated from my father and she had no means to maintain her children financially. She suffered with hypertension and various others illnesses and was unable to do anything. I had to work hard to help her and my siblings to survive. With so many problems I became a sad child and grew to be a revolted teenager.

That was when I came to know the power of God and this encounter transformed my life completely. I overcome all those feelings of rejection and anger against my parents. I learned how to use my faith and brought my whole family to the presence of God. My mother was then healed and set free from all medications.

God also prospered my work. He gave me many achievements in my career as a footballer and finally made me successful as a football coach. He has been with me in every step I took.

Today I dedicate my life and have great joy to share with everyone about the great things God has done in my life! 

Fabio Fanticelle da Silva
When I came to the SiLC I was looking for the solution of several problems. I was not happy with the way myself and my family were living.

One of the first blessings I received through attending the services weekly was the healing for a terrible backache. Likewise my wife had been healed from pain on her legs and knees. These healing experiences were achieved through the prayers of faith that we learned in the SiLC. The supernatural healing opened our eyes to what God could do in the other aspects of our life. We were awakened to the fact that He was able to help us in all other aspects.

We began then to seek God for improvements in our family relationship and the development of our faith in God has drastically transformed the environment in our home. It has affected everyone positively including our children. Besides that, my wife and I have experienced sensible changes in our workplaces and the results have started to benefit our finances.

Finally, I could say that the SiLC is a place to learn how to change all aspects of one's life!

Nelson Portillo
I came to the SiLC out of curiosity and attending weekly to the services I was able to learn may things that impacted and changed my life greatly. I really believe that the teachings can help anyone grow spiritually and succeed.

One of the greatest experiences of faith that I have witnessed was the healing of my son though the prayer of faith. He used to suffer with asthma and that was a constant reason for worries for me and my family. However using my faith connected with what I have learned in the SiLC he has been completely healed and that is a major reason for me to smile and rejoice!

Cynthia Valentino Bautista
I have been a hurtful person throughout my life. It seemed like every disappointment I faced in life added a few kilos of burdens on my shoulders. Apart from that, there were several worries about the well-being of my parents. My mother was diagnosed with a cyst on her breast and my father suffered with constant dizziness and was unable even to walk at times. I was emotionally exhausted and unable to move on.

That was when a friend of mine brought me along to SiLC. I was encouraged by my friend and the pastors to consistently attend the services at least once a week. As I did so I perceived that gradually I was able to let go of the grudges and hatred. That made me smile and laugh as I was not a slave of my past anymore.

The prayers of faith also had a great impact in my life as I was able to help my mother and father. Today both of them are completely healed!

I also used my faith in the campaigns of faith in order to achieve success in my work. My income has been incremented and I have been able to discover and learn new talents that I did not now before!

Marilou Afante
Becoming a mother at a young age have forced me to grow in maturity and responsibility. I have also become sad and depressed! I was not ready to be a mother and I saw the things that were happening on the negative side, as being a mother was a very difficult task. To make things harder I started suffering with a terrible abdominal pain after giving birth to my child. Time went by and that ache just became worse. I used to spend my nights crying because of the physical and emotional pains.

I came to know the SiLC through a friend who had been helped and blessed by attending the services. She told me that I had to try it before giving up on my life. As I consistently attended the services and followed the instructions given by the pastors, I perceived that I was growing in confidence and faith. It happened as if God was holding my hands and helping me to overcome my difficulties.

I remember that in one of the services, during the prayer of faith, I experienced that the abdominal pain was taken away by God: It disappeared completely! The same happened with the sadness, depression and insomnia. They were all gone! God has made me strong, to be the example of commitment that my family needs.

Maricel Espara
I grew up in an environment that did not have the joy and happiness that a child needs in order to grow up healthy and hopeful. My father was addict to alcohol and that made things really complicated in our home.

As I grew older I sought independence through working on my own to build my dreams. However it seemed like I was affected by a curse as I still was not able to experience any happiness. In order to fill the gap in my heart I started to go to parties. But those places did not help me at all. I just felt worse. In order to maintain that life-style I began borrowing money from others. As a consequence I started to experience depression and insomnia.

I was invited to attend the services at the SiLC. At first I did not believe much but as I continued to attend, God began to touch me. The insomnia was gradually taken away by God and I found myself peaceful. I decided to stop to go to parties and my relationship with God grew stronger.

To make a long story short, I have been transformed and the changes in me impacted my family as my father has been set free from his addiction. I also was able to pay off all my debts. Today I consider myself truly happy!

Irene Camagan
I could not handle anything in life before coming to the SiLC. That includes handling myself and my emotions. Due to my lack of self-control almost everything became a mess for me. My husband left me and our kids. I thought I could count on my children to help me in that difficult time but they also turned out to be rebellious to me. I was totally on my own!

When I was invited by a friend to attend to a service I did not expect much. However I experienced something amazing. It sounded like every word of the pastor was directed to me. I thought "How could he know I had those problems?"

Believing that God had brought me to that place in order to change my life, I began to follow each and every instruction I received.

Firstly, I decided to fix my relationship with God and that resulted in a much better personality, able to control myself and deal with challenges. Secondly, the changes in me reflected in my family as they were able to realize that I stepped up.

Today we our family is once again united. There is understanding and love in our home. God has made me and my family anew!

Elisa Sales
In 2008 a lump appeared in my neck and as I went for a check-up the results terrified me. The doctors told me that I had a goiter. I started to search for a solution for my problem and that is when I came to the SiLC. 

In SiLC I learned how to use my faith in God. I realised that after attending some sessions I was not worried about that problem anymore. After a short period of time I made new exams and I was amazed with the results: I was healed! That was a great answer for me. I became powerful through my faith and now I know I can overcome any problem that comes my way.

Rosalie Fortin
Many wrong decisions I made in my youth led me to suffer and almost lose grip of life itself. I got into a relationship and marriage without much guidance and the result was a broken family.

With the end of my marriage I also distanced myself from my children and was unable to pay attention to their needs. I looked for different ways of entertaining myself and finding happiness such as new relationships, parties, addictions... As nothing really helped me find peace I thought of suicide as a way to escape from the heavy weight of problems.

At that point I was invited to come to the SiLC. In the beginning it seemed very hard to believe that my life could change because the problems were so huge. However the word of faith entered in my heart and I perceived that there was nothing impossible for God.

Today I have been reconciled, first with God (he forgave me), second with myself (I forgave myself) and third with my children (they forgave me). It is amazing how God has made us a united family again! Today they see me as a good example of character and faith.

Maria Gabarda Dagami
I always tried to be a selfless person, supportive and willing to sacrifice for the good of others, especially my family. In these terms anyone can imagine how affected I was by the constant asthma attacks that my son suffered with since he was 3 years old.

I was completely devastated! No matter how hard I tried, there was nothing I could do to ease his pain. I worked harder than ever to be able to pay for the best treatments available. However it was not enough. He still suffered the asthma attacks... As his sickness continued, so did my emotions continue to torment me with thoughts that "he could die at any time", that he "would not be able to breath in anymore" or that "he would have an attack in school and no one would be able to help him".

A friend of mine perceived that this problem was consuming me and brought me along to attend a service in the SiLC. Throughout the prayers during that service I only thought of my son. From that moment on the miracle began to happen in his body. The attacks became each time less frequent to the point that they completely ceased. I rejoiced for this great miracle! I was also transformed, for now I don't get desperate anymore when I face problems. I know that God is with me to help me anywhere and anytime!

Luningning Erosa