Succeed in
Life Centre
Main Services:
Sunday at 10am (also Saturday at 2pm): 
Empowerment Service (complete service w/ prayers & lessons for all aspects of life)

Other Sunday Activities:
Sunday at 1pm (also Saturday at 3:30pm):
Intensive Discipleship Seminar  (learn how to serve God & save souls for His Kingdom)
‚ÄčSunday at 3pm: Addiction Cleansing Therapy (for those suffering with addictions or those who have addict family members)
Sunday at 4pm: Book Reading (meeting for ladies, it deals with women subjects & also their conflicts)
Sunday at 7pm: Bible-Study of Revelation (learn more about the end of times and the return of Christ)

Weekdays Services and Activities*:
Monday at 2pm or 8pm: Financial Success Seminar (financial growth & success)
Wednesday at 2pm or 8pm: The Bible-Study Meeting (spiritual growth & salvation)
Thursday at 8pm: Love Therapy (relationship & family transformation)
Friday at 10am, 2pm or 8pm: Spiritual Cleansing Session (deliverance & peace)

*We are also available daily for counselling and visitations.