Succeed in
Life Centre
Main Services:
Sunday at 10am (also Saturday at 2pm): 
Empowerment Service (The most important service of the week. Seek the Holy Spirit, Eternal Salvation and Healing to your life)

Other Sunday Activities:
Sunday at 1pm:
Youth Power Group (Being Young is being a visionary. The YPG is the new generation that makes the difference)
‚ÄčSunday at 3pm: Addiction Cleansing Therapy (A.C.T is a meeting that works to empower addicts and their families to break their dependency on their substance of choice and regain control over their lives)
Sunday at 6pm: Study Of Revelation ( While many people don't believe in the End Times as each day goes by more prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes. In order for us to have a better understanding of this important book and to identify it's key signs, the SILC will hold the Revelation Study meetings)
Every last Sunday of the month at 4pm(Also every first Saturday of the mont) Meeting for ladies, it deals with women subjects & also their conflicts

Weekdays Services and Activities*:
Monday at 8pm: Business Seminar (Guidance to overcome financial strains)
Tuesday : Prayer in Your Place (Book a Meeting in your place and invite your friends)
Wednesday at 8pm:  Bible-Study  (Personal and Spiritual Development. Learn how to build your inner strength through the nourishment of your faith. Overcome your doubts and understand the Word of God)
Thursday at 8pm: Family Restoration (Restore the unity and peace at home. Bring the clothes, photographs or names of your relatives to be prayed over)
Friday at 8pm: Spiritual Deliverance (Prayers to clear curses, witchcraft, nightmares, envy, depression and all spiritual problems)

*We are also available for counselling and visitations.
Book with us: Succeed in Life Centre +65 8292 - 9510