Succeed in
Life Centre
How We Can Help
We know that there are problems that seem insurmountable - problems that you may have tried to solve but couldn't no matter how hard you tried. We at the Succeed in Life Center, are here to help guide you to the power that you need to overcome the struggles of your life.

The source of all answers is in God, but the way to find your answer is not a preset formula or a simplistic generalization. Each of us with our unique lives needs to find God on a very personal, individual level. Though everything that is taught at SiLC is based on the Bible and its unchanging truths, the pastors and prayer counselors are aware of the fact that you may need one-on-one time to talk about, and work through your specific concerns.

Counseling is available both before and after each service, and also throughout the week by appointment. For women who prefer to counsel with other women, the pastors' wives and women prayer counselors are also available. Each church service is geared to helping you know God and have a faith that moves mountains. You will be encouraged to come sincerely to God to open up your heart and develop a relationship with Him. You'll also learn how to fight back against the negativity that you feel is blocking your life in any way.

But more than anything, you will be free to participate, to ask questions, or just to watch. There is no obligation whatsoever to join in any of the prayers or worship. Come as you are, and if you are willing, God is ready to meet you, right where you are.

To make an appointment for counseling, or for any further questions just contact us at anytime!