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The Wife and the Lover
Posted on April 18th, 2015

A man asked a wise teacher if he should stay with his wife or with his lover.

The wise man took two vases, one with a rose and the other one with a cactus. He asked the man:

_ If I were to give you one of these plants, which one would you choose?

The man smiled and said:

_ The rose of course!

The wise man replied:

_ You are reckless!

He said:

_ Sometimes, men are driven by external beauty and choose what seems to shine more at that particular moment. The rose is more beautiful, but it dies soon. The cactus, however, regardless of the weather or climate remains the same. It is green and has thorns... but one day, it will give you the most beautiful flower you have ever seen.

He continued:

_ Your wife knows your faults, your weaknesses and your mistakes. When you mourn because of the difficult times she is always ready to help you. Your lover wants your money, your happiness, your physical appearance, and your laughter. However, when facing the smallest hardships, she will not hesitate to replace you for another young lover, who is happy, healthy and wealthy.

He finally asked:

_ Now, tell me, with whom do you want to stay?

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